Private projects in the museum In addition to all the innovations and renovations, we also have a private project in our collection. The project of Cees Broere began in september 1999. During a militaria fair in Huizen he found a British P II compass. This was  the start to built an instrument panel from a Handley Page Halifax. However, where you will find the requested information.  Information and drawings about the Lancaster is easy to find but info about the Halifax and Stirling are not so easy to obtain.  With only a reprint of the Pilotes Notes as a source the various instruments, switches etc. were found at trade shows, Internet  and through connections. Drawings of the instrument panel itself were not available. With a photocopy of a photo from a  magazine blown up to the right format Cees strated to create the panel. The instruments acted as sizing for the bolt holes etc.  Now the plan became to rebuilt an entire cockpit, but how? Drawings were not there, but a visit to the RAF Museum in London  delivered a few copy drawings, although poor quality but it was a start.  However, Cees managed to get the drawings of the Halifax. Bram Kemp of our Foundation was willing to make parts in his  workshop. By now Lex van Heusden became as a volunteer at the ARG. He had his education at Fokker, was willing to perticipate  in the project and began making parts on the basis of the drawings. The quality of his craftsmanship was obvious. First a  workshop in Amsterdam North was used, later on it was possible to set up a room at Fort Veldhuis as a workplace. The work  began slowly, only in november 2008 the cockpit began to get it’s final shapes. Because of the many drawings that were  obtained, it was now possible to make the cockpit so that this would be almost equal to the 6.178 Halifaxes manufactured by  Handley Page and related factories were built. Now the cockpit is finished the next project already in its final stage: A Handley  Page Hampden, to be also on display next summer.