Two logo’s on 1 plate. Unseen for years                                                          Peter de Raaf(L) and Johan Graas             Images: Foundation ARG 1940-1945
Signing the Convenant Aalsmeerderbrug/Heemskerk –The foundation Aircraft Recovery Group 1940-1945 (ARG) and the foundation CRASH ’40-’45 are  going to work closer together. To ratify this new cooperation, both Chairmen signed on 10 may at 15.00 in Fort Veldhuis a  Covenant. The Aircraft Recovery Group 1940-1945 Foundation (ARG) and the Foundation Crash Research in Aviation Society Holland ' 40-'  45 (CRASH) have the same objectives and are sure that these objectives can be achieved better by working together. With the  signing of the Covenant it gives an official touch to this important step by which more than 50 years of knowledge and  experience is bundled.  One of the consequences of the collaboration is that supporters of the two foundations by their membership have free access to  the CRASH air war and resistance museum ' 40-' 45 in the Fort at Aalsmeer in Aalsmeerderbrug and the Luchtoorlogmuseum  Fort Veldhuis in Heemskerk. Also there will be a route between the museums, whith all intermediate monuments in the field of  the air war being passed.  Another example of the new collaboration is communication and PR (for example one joint stand at tradeshows), one knowledge centre in the field of the air war with a integrated library, the exchanging of lectures and articles for the foundation magazines “Contrails” and “Broken Wings”, the annual organisation of  “Air War Memorial day” In the past, there used to be sometimes a controversy between the two groups when investigating a shot down plane from World War II, while they pursued the same goal; both doing research on the air war as the intention to  discover the whereabouts of missing airmen and to ensure that they get an official and dignified grave. The Dutch Association for aviation Archaeology (NFLA) was founded in 1993 to combine our efforts and to have a stronger weapon, especially in the direction of Government. This happened on behalf of the former Minister of Defense, Mr. Relus ter Beek, to involve individuals in investigations. The foundations CRASH ' 40-' 45, aviation museum Twente, DAEG on airfield Deelen and ARG came together to form the NFLA. Over the years, however, the situation changed. The relations and contacts with the Government have improved. Although the NFLA where necessary is still active,  a close cooperation between both foundations is more than obvious because we both operate in North Holland and both of us are situated in a fortress of the Stelling van Amsterdam.