By becoming a supporter of our foundation you can support our work. Every supporter receives automaticaly our quarterly magazine “Broken Wings”. Unfortunately this magazine is written in Dutch  with a small english summary with some articles. To give you an impression of the magazine you can read some articles from  two older issues. You can become a supporter in three ways: Write a letter to the adress of the foundation as is listed at the bottom of this page During a visit to our fortress Using a subscriptionform In all cases you can get a money transfer card or pay cash. Due to administration charges the minimum amount will be € 17,50 when you want te receive the Broken Wings digital. For a paper version we kindly ask you to donate € 25,- to cover the distribution costs. Will you please write the kind of support on your transfer card. For example: € 30,- = 2019 and extra donation. The number of the bankaccount with the rabobank in the name of Penningmeester Stichting A.R.G. 1940- 1945 for international transactions: BIC: RABONL2U IBAN: NL54 RABO 0149086725 We thank you in advance. Secretaris Stichting ARG1940-1945, Beatrixstraat 56 1483CE De Rijp The Netherlands Supporters