For years the two rooms in the front building were called the Kemprooms  by the coworkers Why? The collection in these rooms was compiled by the  brothers Klaas and Bram Kemp.  Klaas and Bram have spent years collecting and sharing their experiences  about the second world war in the Wormer, a polder near Zaandam.  Bram has designed and built several monuments in North Holland, placed  in places where planes were crashed.  In every room of the fortress there is an engine support or other technical  pinch contructed by Bram.  Unfortunately, both men can no longer tell it themselves. Klaas died about  15 years ago and last year Bram died too.  As a lasting reminder of these two men of the first hour, these rooms were officially opened on Friday 10 may 2013 by the familymembers of Bram  and Klaas.  Images: Foundation ARG 1940-1945