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Plot D. Row 1. Grave 8. Plot D. Row 1. Grave 8.. Plot D. Row 1. Grave 9. Row I. Grave 29. History:   On the night of June 12 to 13, 1943 Lancaster ED603 took part in an attack on the German  city of Bochum. The Lancaster was hit by flak over the target at 21,000 feet. Damaged the  plane returned home. Over the Netherlands it was intercepted by the German radar.   The nightfighter Oblt Rudolf Sigmund was attacking the Lancaster and affected by the guns  the battered machine crashed into the IJsselmeer. None of the crew survived the crash. The  bodies of four men washed ashore on the coast of Friesland and three men are still missing.   Crew: PLANE Crashdate June 1th, 1943 Investigationdate September 1997 Callsign OL-L Serienumber ED603 Squadron 83 Squadron RAF AVRO Lancaster Mk III IJsselmeer 1997 YEAR LOCATION