The research:    The wreck of the ED603 was discovered by the fishingboat VD-64 of Volendam. Together  with a diving group the ARG examined the wreck in September 1997.   During this exporation, one of the engines was salvaged by which the plane could be  identified. The ARG has spent years consulting with the municipality of Woenseradiel to  salvage the remains and give the airmen a decent funeral.   Unfortunately, the municipality of Woenseradiel, despite urgent requests from the relatives,  decided not to proceed with the salvage. The three missing crewmembers F / S Moore, P / O  Sprack and P / O Smart will therefore always remain missing.   Flying Officer E.A. Tilbury Graves at Workum click to enlarge Images: Foundation ARG 1940-1945 PLANE Crashdate June 1th, 1943 Investigationdate September 1997 Callsign OL-L Serienumber ED603 Squadron 83 Squadron RAF AVRO Lancaster Mk III IJsselmeer 1997 YEAR LOCATION