AVRO Lancaster W4960 Crew  A website about Lancaster W4960 and its crew in English. Freedom is not Free Website with much information about allies who died in the Netherlands in English... Lancaster monument Heythuysen On this website you can find out more about the heroes in the crash of the Lancaster ME752 lost their lives and the lucky ones who survived ... Luchtoorlog.net Website on the airwar over Holland 1940-1945. Stichting Wester-Koggenland Dankbaar  Website devoted to the salvage of the British Handley Page Hampden bomber and her crew on November 8, 1941 crash at Berkhout NH.. The Stirling Bomber pages  An interesting site about the British Stirling bomber .. WW-II Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands FREE English language software to provide detailed information to search (in an Internet database) on Allied aircraft crashes in the Netherlands during the second world war . Lostaircraft.com A brandnew forum and database , the replacement of “Lost Bombers” Silksheenphotography SILKSHEEN Photography, presenting images and reports from flying events at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre The KX-B Memorial  Website about the chech Wellinton KX-B which ditched on 28 december 1941 between Holland en Englan. After 6 days drifting around the 3 surviving members of the crew of 6 came ashore near Petten. Stirling Pilot This site is respectfully dedicated to the young men who flew and fought in the SHORT STIRLING Aircraft during World War Two and all their comrades, wherever they served. THE MILDENHALL REGISTER This site is all about the 15, 90, 149, 218 & 622 Bomber Squadrons’ Association RAF 166 Squadron A site about the RAF 166 squadron including lot’s of photo’s pleuralmesothelioma.com a website about pleuralmesothelioma, a disease where many veterans suffer from due to asbestos parts. Links to other websites Airwar Airwayhistory Bunkermuseum IJmuiden WN2000 website of the foundation that cares for the preservation of the defenceworks around IJmuiden ... Luchtvaart- en oorlogsmuseum Texel Fly through aviation history and the war memories of the island of Texel ... Crash40-45 Sister organisation at Aalsmeerderbrug Nederlandse militaire, oorlogs-, verzets- en bevrijdingsmusea  Website with an overview of the military, war, resistance and liberation museums in the Netherlands Mei 1940 A site that aims to publish as much as possible about the Second World War and as one of the most complete sites on the Dutch World War II will be ... STIWOT (Stichting Informatie Wereldoorlog Twee) Foundation dedicated to provide information free or as cheap as possible about the Second World War to anyone who is interested .. Dutch Historic Aviation Sites  An initiative to all historic aviation sites in the Netherlands to link ...  Verenigde Vleugels The magazine for the Dutch aviation history .. Museums 2nd worldwar Defenseworks Stelling van Amsterdam Stelling van Amsterdam ... Een stadsmuur van water The Defence Line of Amsterdam highlights ... Forten Info Description of all forts and fortifications in the Netherlands and Belgium ... Stichting Militair Erfgoed Groot-Amsterdam (Stichting Mega) Foundation to collect and propagate as much knowledge as possible about the military heritage in the Greater Amsterdam.. Miscellaneous Midden-Kennemerland This site contains information about the history of Central Kennemerland. The cultural heritage values the area has to offer . MesotheliomaLawyerCenter.org To help vetarans who suffer from asbestos. Asbestos.net  Asbestos has been used for years in military installations. Asbestos.net helps victims of asbestos with medical care and legal support.