A V-1 in Fort Veldhuis? It might sound a bit strange, but we may get a V 1 on true scale within our collection. At the beginning of this year we got a call from Edwin van Brakel, employee of the museum "Deelen air base", he asked us of if we were interested in a number of V-1 components. Of course we were interrested and decided to buy the parts. But how to display these items? One of our volunteers offered us to built a replica of this bomb containing the recovered parts. Restauration of the original parts:                        The fuelregulator Compressed air manifold before, during and after the restauration.                                                                           The Giro.                                                                                The internal of the altitude controller                                                                            When you have only one ariginal part available, just copy it Images: Foundation ARG 1940-1945
Januari 2012: Before this project can start all components, most of which are in very bad condition, are accurately and thoroughly refurbished. One can actually say that the components are fully restored since the components are of very low grade material, therefore it was a weapon for one-time use. It's going to take some time for the actual V-1 is ready but the beginning is there. Follow us, and if you have any questions or information, please contact us, we will then try to answer here. To get an idea how the V-1 in the Museum Deelen airbase looks you can visit the following Web site: http://www.museumvlbdeelen.nl/